Terms and Conditions –


AskAA-Ron is not liable for any charges, disagreements, damages, pricing, and/or any other disputes you have with the customer and/or business. All businesses listed with AskAA-Ron are responsible for ALL business agreements and transactions with a customer and/or other business. AskAA-Ron is not liable or will NOT be liable for any transactions if it is business-to-business, customer-to-business, business-to-customer, and/or any contracts rendered. All agreements, appointments, money transactions, work-related, damages, and any other agreements made with business listings that are advertised with AskAA-Ron, AskAA-Ron will not be held liable. AskAA-Ron is only for the sole purpose of advertising a business and/or organization for the sole purpose of advertising/marketing and utilizing their services. You the customer or business take full-responsibility of all agreements with any business listings with AskAA-Ron. 


Any advertising packages provided by AskAA-Ron $125, $525, $1,500 will be strategized in a way through www.AskAA-Ron.com, social media platforms, custom graphic ads, and business information for the sole purpose to advertise to the public. You the owner/business give permission to AskAA-Ron to utilize your business/organization information for the purpose of advertising/marketing. All photos, logos, any content MUST adhere to copyright laws. AskAA-Ron will create all ads, posters, coupons, events, and any other content for your business/organization that adheres to copyright laws for the sole purpose of advertising your business and/or organization. You the owner/manager/business permits to advertise your business/organization to the public through AskAA-Ron platforms. AskAA-Ron will adhere to all rules by each or any advertising platforms. AskAA-Ron will have the ability to edit any terms, pictures, slogans, and/or any content on your advertising to adhere to any rules provided by any advertising platforms. Once payment has been made for advertising there are NO REFUNDS. If a refund is provided it is at the discretion of AskAA-Ron. AskAA-Ron will adhere and follow each feature for the advertising packages provided. We do not guarantee leads, prospects, or sales. Our objective is to create exposure to the business/organization. It is also, our objective to get attention and possible call-to-action for our advertising customers. AskAA-Ron will work to produce the best advertising/marketing strategies possible for an effective advertising/marketing outcome. Not all advertising businesses get the same advertising/marketing results. All content once completed, you the owner, business, and/or organization will be notified for approval of your custom ad before advertising to the public. Once approval is granted by you the owner/business/organization AskAA-Ron will begin advertising and marketing. All content created by AskAA-Ron for ONLY your advertising/marketing may be shared with you and your media platforms (no extra fees applied.) It is at the discretion of AskAA-Ron to provide analytics of your marketing campaign. All advertising packages are final. 


Submission by the person, advertiser, employee of a business listing submission form, AskAA-Ron.com will review the Business Listing entry containing the information submitted. It is at the discretion of AskAA-Ron.com to accept, review, and approve submitted business listing. All business listings submitted will be reviewed and approved by the company within (5) business days from the date the Business Listing form was received. ONLY APPROVED business listings will be notified by AskAA-Ron.com with additional information needed by AskAA-Ron.com. Submission of the Business listing form is not all guaranteed.


All coupons provided by the business must adhere to the following discount and dates of the coupon. AskAA-Ron will not be held liable for any misuse or confusing coupons by the business. The “Business” is solely responsible for the coupon/discount and must adhere to the discount and begin and start date of the coupon. If coupon must be taken down or deleted, you, the business must contact AskAA-Ron through the contact form and/or email terminating the coupon. All businesses advertising coupons through AskAA-Ron are responsible. All photos, terms, logos, slogans, and any other material on the coupon must adhere to copyright laws. If copyright laws are infringed, the business is responsible and WILL NOT hold AskAA-Ron responsible for any monetary damages. Coupons created by AskAA-Ron will be approved by you the business for approval of the coupon. Once approved, AskAA-Ron will place it on any of our media platforms. It is at the discretion of AskAA-Ron to approve or disapprove any coupon by any Business. 


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