Welcome to the new West Texas and Eastern New Mexico business listing directory. We are the new listing directory and advertising/marketing directory for your business. We are a directory for customers and an advertising/marketing machine for your business. We are taking a different approach to how business listings work. We have cultivated a new way of getting customers to our website and advertising your business out to the public, getting your business the exposure it deserves.

The process is pretty simple. If you own a business fill out the submission form and we will review the submission. If approved, we will contact you of your approval and list your business in our directory. Once your listing has been approved and placed in our category listings, you are done… no, wait… it just doesn’t stop there. This is what makes us unique! We have 4 options to choose from once your business is listed. Once your business is listed and you don’t want to advertise, that’s ok, we welcome your business listing. If you want to ramp up your business we have advertising packages for you.

With our marketing team and packages both combine we utilize our website, social media, graphics design, analytics, SEO, and years of experience in digital advertising for your business. We try our hardest to get your business out to the public, back to our website, and landing on your listing. We use the tools to get you the results. Your listing versus other listings that are NOT advertising with us, you are just that much ahead of your competitors. We take your business listing to the next level. So don’t wait any longer, sign up and take a peek at our advertising packages. The business change begins with you!

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